Top 5 essential tools you need for your home workshop

Working as a craftsman or doing some work in materials as a hobby can be very rewarding. There is nothing quite like coming up with an idea and being able to build it with your own hands little by little. Of course, not everyone can do this because some people lack the expertise and some others don’t have the tools necessary at their disposal. For this reason, many people end up building their own workshop in their garage. Beyond getting a work table or surface and a couple of basic tools, you need some more specialized equipment to truly work with wood and metal and other materials. Below, we tell you all about 5 tools you need to get you started in the world of manual craft working.

Measuring tape

First things first, measuring tape is absolutely essential for all of your workshop projects. It is something so basic that most people completely neglect the necessity of having one and how useful it is for everything. All the parts of a woodworking or general crafts project need to be measured, and tape can help you swiftly get your pieces and materials measured to the right size. Make sure you own both a straight measuring tape and a flexible, loose tape that you can wrap around things to measure the radius of things like pipes and other circular materials.

Circular saw

A circular saw will probably be one of the most used tools in your workshop. There are many different types of circular saw, and most fall under the category of circular saw because they have a circular blade but vary in size and shape. Traditional table saws can be used with different saw discs to perform different cutting and chopping tasks. This type of power saw will be your best friend to cut and shape your materials regardless of the project you’re working on. Check out some circular saw reviews here before getting one to make sure the one you get suits the needs of your projects.

Safety glasses

Safety is of the utmost importance when working with power tools of any kind, so the least you can do besides wearing safety gloves is protecting your eyes with some safety glasses. A good pair of safety glasses need to be able to protect you from the impact of potential shards of hard materials and debris. It should also cover your eyes from harmful light and heat coming off of tools like a soldering iron, for example.


Just like the measuring tape, a level might seem like a basic thing to have at your workshop, but it can be the difference between a successful project and a complete failure. Using a level to make sure your boards and pieces are completely straight can ensure the stability of your final work. Not using one during the building process can compromise the structural integrity of your work, which in turn might render your whole project useless if it has a practical application.

Power drill

Last but not least is one of the first tools you should get. Power drills are a tool that makes everything easier, from straight drilling holes into walls, boards, and other materials, to driving screws and tightening bolts. There are corded and and cordless drills, whichever you get will have enough power to deal with most home workshop tasks, but make sure they are efficient with their energy consumption to save money on your electrical bill.

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