The summer survival guide: 5 essentials to beat the heat

People all over the world look forward to the arrival of the summer months. For most folks, it means a much-needed break from school, a break from work, and all around a good time to go on vacation and enjoy the warm weather. However, in some places, the heat can be a bit too much to handle, and spending some time outside is enough to get suffocated, dizzy, and in some cases even suffer from a heat stroke. Those living in places where it’s hot year-round and even hotter during the summer know the struggle all too well, so here we bring in some tips on things you need to beat the heat this summer.

Water: stay hydrated!

It might seem like common sense, but we all know more often than not that is not the case. Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day is absolutely necessary to prevent any heat-induced symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, and fainting. Your body needs to transpire to keep itself cool, and giving it enough water to do so when you’re practically sweating all day is a must. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water with you if you’re going out, particularly if you’re going on foot or plan on being physically active.

Pool: keep your cool and have some fun

Going for a swim at the pool is a great way to keep your body temperature regulated while also having some fun. Escaping the heat by going into the water is smart, entertaining, and has few downsides during the summer. You can be physically active without fear of getting overheated, you can still keep in shape if you swim a few pools instead of running a few laps, and you can always choose to just chill in the water for maximum leisure. If your building or house doesn’t have one, plenty of local parks and clubs open their pools to the public during the summer, it’s just a matter of getting there.

Air conditioning: make your home livable again

We all know the pain of being indoors at a place with no air conditioning or ventilation of any kind during the summer. Not only is the heat unbearable, but also the humidity that tends to accumulate from these enclosed spaces makes everything a thousand times worse. A simple through the wall air conditioner is enough to keep a large room acclimated at a decent temperature, but if you are not into opening holes in your walls, you can always look for a portable air conditioner to keep the room you plan to stay in cool.

Sunscreen: protect yourself

The importance of sunscreen is high enough that dermatologists recommend its use not only during the summer, but year-round. Protection from harmful UV radiation is no light matter, and it should be treated with the utmost seriousness during the hotter months of the year. It gets hotter because the Earth gets closer to the Sun, so naturally, UV rays also get through at a higher intensity. Avoid a heat stroke and potential skin diseases by applying high enough FPS sunscreen before going out.

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