How to get a slimmer waist

Excess fat around the waistline is one of the most stubborn and difficult to get rid of. This is true for both genders but even more so for men. Fat distribution is generally different between the two genders: women’s bodies tend to store fat in the hips and thighs area while men will usually have more fat around their abdomens (resulting in the so-called beer belly). Of course, it is not always like this depending on one’s genetics. However, if a woman has more fat around her waist area it will usually be more noticeable than if she was a man because it distorts that perfect hourglass shape that has come to be associated with womanhood. Having a slim waist is often the fitness goal for many people who train to achieve their desired body shape.

What can be done to get a slimmer waist

To get rid of the fat tissue surrounding the waist we need to burn as many calories as possible. Unfortunately for some, this usually means doing two things: diet and exercise. Cutting down the number of consumed calories is crucial to shaving off the last remaining fat from your waist. There is no healthy way to decrease body fat while still eating fast food and ice cream for dinner. You don’t need to do any special diet to lose fat. You only need to make sure that you consume no more calories than your body needs to function. So grab a calorie-counting app and start inputting all of your meals in it.

The other activity you should be doing to get that slimmer waist is, of course, exercise. If your goal is to lose fat and pounds, then cardio exercise is the key. Weight training can tone and strengthen the muscles on your tummy and make them look fabulous but if there is fat covering them then no one will be able to admire them. So first do some cardio, like going for a run, and then go back to sit-ups.

Are there any shortcuts?

Well, yes. While there are no miracle pills for a slimmer waist, there are some things you can do to fasten the process of losing body fat. One such way is using compression garments during your workout.

A waist trimmer belt, which is one kind of compression wear that specifically targets your waistline, works by pressing down on your skin to raise body heat. Higher body temperature makes us produce more sweat and in turn, increases the number of calories burned during the workout. It can make any training more intensive. Just by putting on a waist trimmer belt, you can reap quite high rewards.

The best waist trimmer belt should be comfortable to wear even when drenched in sweat, effective at increasing body heat and easy to clean (preferably one that can be thrown in the laundry together with other clothes). A sturdy belt can even improve your posture and help you keep the correct form during different exercises. So take a look around to find the best waist trimmer belt for you and give it a try during your next workout!

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